Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Festival of Lights!

Thanksgiving night, after we were miserably stuffed, we went to the James Island Holiday Festival of Lights! It was lots of fun and the lights were amazing, as always!! =) Kaelyn loved the lights and picked out the turtles, snowmen, fish, and all sorts of things. I was so excited she could tell what they were this year! Last year she wasn't even 1 year old yet and just said oooh and ahhh in amazement. :) We did miss the train because the next one available was an hour and 15 minutes later and Kaelyn was getting tired. She did have plenty of fun though on the carousel and strolling through the park getting a closer look at the lights. She said she wanted to sit on Santa's lap so we waited in line even though I knew she would end up backing out. haha So we waited and waited and she insisted she was going to sit on Santa's lap and of course when it was finally our turn she cried a little and definitely didn't want to sit with him. He did give her a candy cane and now she has been saying Santa is her best friend. She says "He's nice, he gives me candy." LoL He made a pretty good impression so she may just sit with him next year! hehe We shall see. :)
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