Saturday, June 26, 2010

6 Month Update

Kalli, on your 6 month birthday you were sick with tummy troubles. This is the first time you cried on the scale at your checkup... you just didn't want Mommy to put you down. I still snapped a quick pic to record your weight... 12lbs. 9oz. You are a petite little thing! :) Since you were sick you didn't get your shots on this day. On this day, you had diarrhea and a fever of 102. Since you are on the small side they were worried about you and did a cath to take urine for testing to make sure you didn't have a UTI, or something wrong with your kidneys. This was scary for me considering I thought it was going to be a routine checkup! But Praise God, the cultures came back negative and you are just fine! You had some sort of virus and we went back on the 25th for your 6 month shots.

Now for the fun stuff... You have been making your mmm sounds for a while and people even swore you were saying Mama at 3 months old when you cried. You are a Mama's girl and you were definitely crying for me. haha ;) Your first word was "Mama" and you said it super clear on June 17th!

Here are a couple pictures of you on June 16th sitting up so proudly and starting to scoot and crawl. You are a super little mover!


We spotted your first tooth on May 31st and another one came soon after. Here are your sweet little teeth. :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Baby Be Blessed!

I am sooo behind on blogging and need to catch up, but just wanted to share...
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As you can see below, We LOOOVE Baby Be Blessed!