Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving in Florida

So much to be thankful for! This year has held so many blessings for my family & me! One of the biggest blessings thus far has been God allowing me to stay home with our beautiful girls! I am so thankful for my husband providing for us the way he does and desiring to have me home with them. It was a challenge in the beginning and a total change from corporate work world; however, while there are still challening days here and there, we're getting better at this! ;)
I am thankful for... my Lord & Savior, His grace, my husband, children, wonderful parents, family & friends, our home, my sweet girls' precious laughs, delicious thanksgiving food, ;) and so much more! Hope you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving and counted your blessings!! :)
This year we spent Thanksgiving with my husband's family in Florida. It was a wonderful time filled with great fellowship and yummy food! The girls really enjoyed playing with their cousins, too! :)
Here are a few quick shots from our Thanksgiving day!