Saturday, August 7, 2010

Always my Baby

My charming, funny Kaelyn... as I update on all the little changes in Kalli, I reflect back to your baby days too, and how they have gone by so quickly. Look at you all cuddled up with Mommy, not even 1 day old.

You've got SOME personality, kiddo! You keep us smiling and laughing, and you are a persistent little thing. You definitely know what you want and once you've set your mind to it, whew.. watch out! You remember EVERYTHING! If Nana says she's bringing you sixlets and we don't see her for 2 months, as soon as we do you ask about those sixlets. LoL You're like that with everything. You are definitely a leader (nice way of saying you are BOSSY! haha) But you are a wonderful big sister...most of the time. ;) You are always my big helper and love to help with Kalli. You bring me whatever I need for her, run diapers to the trash, and you've gotten pretty good at feeding her solids. This turns out to be a mess for me, but you two like it. :) You love to get in the crib with her when she wakes up from her naps so you can read her books and play together. You also love to sing to her...she loves it when you do "Itsy Bitsy Spider" for her. She admires you already and gets the sweetest little sparkle in her eye when you entertain her. You are a special girl and we love you so much! Every now and again you still let me baby you. Occasionally at night you will ask me to hold you and rock...I love these moments. And you always like for me to "tickle" you at bedtime. You will say "Tickle my back, Mommy" or sometimes "Tickle my tummy". This simply means to scratch...if I just rub you will say "Noooo, tickle" hehe It's the cutest! You will always be my baby!

How you've grown! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

7 Months

Kalli turned 7 months on July 18th and I have been meaning to blog with an update! :)
Right when you turned 6 months you started to become mobile by a lot of scooting, and then you mixed in a little crawling, and now scooting is a thing of the past. You are quite the crawler these days! I have some videos I need to post SOON to show everyone just how good you are. ;) You also pull up on everything and have started walking along the couch a little. You just can't wait to get going. You have started waving when we say hi and wave to you. You also give us fives (hehe) your big sister Kaelyn loves this, and loves to say "too slow Joe!" to you!
You say Mama, Dada, NyNy (Night Night)
You have your 3rd tooth coming in (top right) and you are full of the cutest little wrinkled nose smiles!
Here are a few pics below from a shoot we did today to remember your 1st pedicure ;)
Kae and I painted your toes while you were napping. We love you sweet angel!



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