Sunday, March 22, 2009

Powder Fresh!

Sooo....this is how we found Kaelyn after she was supposed to be napping in her room! Funny thing was that I heard her tinkering and told Brian it sounded like she was on her changing table. I posed a hypothetical..."What if she's mad about having to take a nap and up there pouring powder everywhere?!" HAHA ... What made me say this, i dunno. Brian likes to call it the "very scary mommy's intuition". She just smiled when we got up there and said, "Momma, I put powder on my babies!" lol We had to hide our laughter as we told her not to do this again. :) Too cute! At least everything smells... powder fresh!




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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nonnie & PaPa Visit!

Nonnie & PaPa (Brian's parents) got in on the 12th to spend a week with us. Kaelyn was super excited and didn't act shy one bit when they got here! We had a great visit with them. Below are a few from McDonald's eating ice cream because my father-in-law, Bill, ALWAYS takes the kids for ice cream lol. Now that I think of it, even if there aren't kids around he will still take us for ice cream. ;) They gave Skyler her birthday presents early since they won't be here on her birthday next month. She was excited about her new Camp Rock gear! :) Kae lucked up too and got the cutest little holiday dress for Easter. She loves the bunnies on it. Thanks Nonnie & PaPa! We love and miss you guys! See you in a couple of months!




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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009


The schools were closed today and I was able to work from home with Kaelyn. I thought I might get away with staying in today since we took Kae out in the snow last night.... WRONG! haha She looked out the minute she woke up and said "SNOOOOW! can i go out Momma?" This is her new thing..."Can I eat it? Can I touch this? Can I play with it?" She asks in the cutest way. And how could I say no to that cute little face?! So we bundled up and off we went again! We had lots of fun and even made a mini snowman, Tootsie. :) Kae thought he was so cute and even gave him a little kiss. Then it was back inside so I could get a little work done. We had a wonderful day together. :) Click HERE to see more snow day pics!




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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow in March!

It has been raining all weekend pretty much nonstop and tonight around 6 it started snowing! Kaelyn was SOOOO excited watching it come down through the window. She begged to go out and play in it. At first I was very hesitant. I wasn't feeling well and Kae did have a slight cough so I really didn't want to take her out in it... But I finally gave in to those big puppy dog eyes since we only get this weather once or twice a year. So we all suited up and went out... Kae had sooo much fun. She even stuck her tongue out to catch snowflakes! She did NOT want to come in but I finally got her in when I told her we would make snow cream. :) We left our bowl out and she watched it from the window. It filled up really fast! She and I had lots of fun making and eating our snow cream. Although it was a late night for little Miss Kaelyn, we had a blast and I was glad we took her out. :) And besides it was just confirmed that schools are closed tomorrow so Kaelyn will get to sleep in.