Monday, March 2, 2009


The schools were closed today and I was able to work from home with Kaelyn. I thought I might get away with staying in today since we took Kae out in the snow last night.... WRONG! haha She looked out the minute she woke up and said "SNOOOOW! can i go out Momma?" This is her new thing..."Can I eat it? Can I touch this? Can I play with it?" She asks in the cutest way. And how could I say no to that cute little face?! So we bundled up and off we went again! We had lots of fun and even made a mini snowman, Tootsie. :) Kae thought he was so cute and even gave him a little kiss. Then it was back inside so I could get a little work done. We had a wonderful day together. :) Click HERE to see more snow day pics!




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The Sawyer's said...

Love these pictures!! Cool colors on them!