Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow in March!

It has been raining all weekend pretty much nonstop and tonight around 6 it started snowing! Kaelyn was SOOOO excited watching it come down through the window. She begged to go out and play in it. At first I was very hesitant. I wasn't feeling well and Kae did have a slight cough so I really didn't want to take her out in it... But I finally gave in to those big puppy dog eyes since we only get this weather once or twice a year. So we all suited up and went out... Kae had sooo much fun. She even stuck her tongue out to catch snowflakes! She did NOT want to come in but I finally got her in when I told her we would make snow cream. :) We left our bowl out and she watched it from the window. It filled up really fast! She and I had lots of fun making and eating our snow cream. Although it was a late night for little Miss Kaelyn, we had a blast and I was glad we took her out. :) And besides it was just confirmed that schools are closed tomorrow so Kaelyn will get to sleep in.




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