Friday, February 27, 2009

Fun in the Fence :)

Here are a few pictures of my pumpkin playing out in the new fence! She also got new rain boots...she is loving the fence AND the boots! :) She and Daddy are having a blast in our new backyard!




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Monday, February 23, 2009

Our New Fence!

It has been an exciting week for us! We are finally getting our fence! This will be great for Kaelyn, and our dog, Brewer. It's not even completed and Kaelyn is already enjoying it. :) They set the posts on Thursday, the 19th, and will be back this week to finish! Here are a few pics of the progress!




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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Room....

....FINALLY! Since finding my favorite bedding set of all time last year I have been wanting to paint our master bedroom. We just put it off because we are always working, tired, hanging out with Kaelyn, etc.. but we finally got around to it this past weekend and I am sooo glad we did! It is what I have been waiting for. I must admit, I didn't do much painting. I just picked the color, "Storm Clouds" and Brian did the whole room by himself while I kept Kaelyn entertained and out of the way. He did an amazing job! We also added a little romanticism above our bed. haha I absolutely love it all and can't wait to move on to the master bath! I'm sure Brian is just as thrilled. ;)

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Love Day!

Brian and I got out for a nice, romantic dinner at the Melting Pot last night. It was sooo wonderful and the food was delicious! My honey really surprised me this year. I am kind of hard to surprise lol... He took my wedding ring a few days ago and said he was getting it cleaned and he would return it in a couple days. I knew he was up to something. We had looked at wraps for my ring a little before this so I wondered if that could be it. I had told him it was fine to take my ring as long as he assured me I would get MY ring back and it would be back before our dinner because I feel so naked without my ring. So last night rolls around and we're getting ready and I'm asking if he has my ring and he says NO! I'm like WHAT? haha I'm like yeah right, quit playing...i know you have it. He says babe I did all I could to get it back and I don't want you to be disappointed, I will have it tomorrow and that's technically Valentine's day, so... :) So I accept it. When we get in the car to go to dinner there is a box of Godiva chocolates and a card, perfect card might I add. He has gotten quite good at picking out the perfect card. ;) I had given him some chocolates and a card as well and on the drive to Greenville he asked for one of mine, which I had not opened yet. I was like okay, but is the Russell Stover I gave you not good enough?! lol He was like I just want to try one of yours. I open it up and voila! there is my ring with a beautiful wrap!! He truly got me! I absolutely love it. We had a wonderful night. :)When I got home I photographed it on the flowers he had sent to work for me on Friday. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband! Love you honey!



Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Party!

Kaelyn and her friends had a wonderful Valentine's party at school! They had lots of wonderful goodies including sugar cookies they got to decorate this morning and the valentine's jello cool whip cups that Miss Kae helped me make...pictured in the blog below. :) And let's not forget the ton of candy they all got in their goody bags! Kaelyn gave photo Valentine's (pictured in blog below as well) to her teachers and family and princess Valentine's to her friends at school. She also gave them fun pencils, Valentine coloring books, and sweetheart candies. Kaelyn also received lots of goodies... candies, books, etc. She had a blast! Oh the joys of school parties...and we are just getting started. :)




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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Heart Day! I know it's actually tomorrow, but it feels like today since I had a million gazillion things to carry out the door for Miss Kaelyn's class party today! And Hubby and I are doing our dinner date tonight at the Melting Pot! Yummm... Can't wait! Hope everyone has a wonderful day! <3 <3 <3




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Saturday, February 7, 2009

M for Mommy!

I am way late on posting this! Kaelyn did this a couple of days before we went on our cruise (Wrote it on 1/5) And she exclaimed, "M for Mommy!" My mom was here, and we were all so amazed! She had been drawing circular motions and saying circle, but we had no idea she was paying so much attention to the letters! She did this one all by herself! Since then she has been writing them all of the time. Some look better than others. Sometimes she'll ask for help, and she always asks for help on D for Daddy... still working on that one. :)

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Superbowl '09

This year we went out to Riverbend Sports Resort with our friends to watch the superbowl in the cabin/clubhouse. It was very nice and Kaelyn loved the huge stone fireplace! ... I did too! haha We had lots of yummy food and lots of entertainment provided by Kae! There were various "stuffed" animals mounted on the walls and I showed Kaelyn the big moose. She said, "Momma, that moose is wookin' at me!" LOL I can't believe how much she has grown. :)




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Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Little Chef!

I am so behind on blogging! I forgot to post a few pictures from Kaelyn baking cookies. (1/25) They were just the break and bakes but she had a blast!



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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kaelyn & Baby David

The Urbina's were sweet enough to invite us over to their home just a couple days after getting home from the hospital with Baby David Alejandro. (1/27) They wanted Kaelyn to come and see their tiny bundle of joy. All the way there she talked about holding him and being gentle, touching him soft, and being sooo sweet. Once we got there though she froze a little. She was acting very shy and a little scared. We asked her if she wanted to hold him but she said no, just look. hehe He started getting fussy and she got very concerned. She had just tried to put his paci in his mouth so she thought she had done something. She kept saying "i hurt him" and we all told her she didn't he just had a little gas. :) You can see in the 2nd picture the look of concern on her face. I guess it's a good thing though. I would much rather have her be this way than poking at him. hehe She kissed him and said ByeBye Baby Alejandro.




Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby Jesus!

We went to see our friend's new baby, David Alejandro, on January 26th, the day after he was born. Brian and I went on our lunch break so Kaelyn didn't get to go. She has been talking about the baby coming out of Amy's tummy though so I wanted to show her the pictures and let her know he was finally here. I recorded so I could get her first reaction and wow what a reaction it was... I promise this was her real first response.. Watch Below...

Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Randoms...

I have been tagged by Babychick to share 25 random things about myself. I tried to throw in a few crazy things you might not know about me to keep it interesting. ;) I am like the last person to do this so I'm not sure who I should tag! Scrapper26... if you read this,'re up!

1. I am so blessed to be married to a wonderful man, almost 4 years.

2. We have an amazing daughter together, Kaelyn, who just turned 2 in January...light of our lives, so much personality, keeps us smiling & laughing. =)

3. I enjoy playing the piano and rarely have time to just sit and play, even though I have a lovely piano in my home. (Christmas from hubby before we were married)

4. I love to sing in the car! Luckily Kaelyn is usually my only company and she isn't really old enough to judge me yet. haha

5. I am 4'11" and 3/4" tall.... or short! ;)

6. I am one of the most competitive people my husband has ever met, and he said when we got married he had no idea i was so extreme when it comes to winning.... board games, sports, video games, etc..

7. I do not like coffee, but love some of the iced, sweetened & jazzed up ones at starbucks!

8. I have worked for the same company for almost 5 years... pretty much since we moved from FL to SC. That's amazing to me... it's gone by so fast! Grateful to have such a good paying job in this day and for such a flexible boss who lets me go whenever I need to be there for my baby girl. Without his understanding I don't think I could've come back to work. hehe

9. I sometimes drive myself crazy not having family around to help out with Kaelyn. :-o

10. With #9 said, I wouldn't trade her for anything! Being a mother is the most wonderful, challenging experience in my life thus far. At this stage, it is very rewarding. ;)

11. I grew up wanting to be a Lawyer.... Got older and realized there was no way I could be dedicated to school for so long!

12. I have recently started lunch workout classes at work in our on-site gym... Mon- TurboKick, Wed. - Body Sculpting, Fri. - Yoga. 3 weeks so far... I am pretty proud of myself. lol

13. I nursed my baby girl until she was 11 months, pumped twice a day, every day at work. Blah!

14. My Dad is a pastor and he, my mom, and brother were called to Michigan about 6 years ago... They pastor a wonderful church up there, but I will admit I've questioned the Lord on why so far away...and why so stinkin' cold??!!

15. I love cookie dough! Yummy!

16. I miss my best friend Chelsea, who still lives in FL. Lylas!

17. I was thrown out of a club, Seville, in Pensacola... college days. :-o Thank God for my awesome roomie Kellie who took care of me that night. ;-)

18. I have some awesome girlfriends, even though some are so far away!

19. I am obsessed with taking pictures.... to the point where I annoy my family sometimes. They will thank me for the memories one day!

20. I am so NOT a morning person!

21. I am part of an awesome church, Evangel Cathedral

22. I am extremely proud of my hubby for planning and putting on our 1st benefit this past year to help a couple of families in desperate situations.... See this ARTICLE

23. I met my handsome husband at place called Big Daddy's in Pcola where I was out with my girls shaking my booty and he was the DJ. ;)

24. I loooove the exotic coconut scented lotion from Bath & Body Works! Of course they don't sell it in my store anymore (If i find something I LOVE it quickly becomes discontinued) but I can still order it online, so yay!

25. I play Bunco with an awesome group of ladies and we have a blast!...and NO, it's not just a game for old ladies! =)