Saturday, January 26, 2008

Monkey Business!

Today, we took Kaelyn to Monkey Business to play with Parker & Abbie. They are almost 3 so Kae couldn't quite keep up, but she had fun trying! :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

All about Me & B :)

Well, we left Kaelyn overnight for the first time (1/19) since she was born, and we actually left her for 2 nights here at our house with my mom. We went to Myrtle Beach for Enterprise's annual holiday party. We enjoyed our time away, but missed our Kae too! She had lots of fun with mom. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Kae had her first snow day today! Well technically it's not her very first snow, it did snow when she was 1 month old, but this is the first time she has experienced it. She wasn't quite sure at first, but then she started to like it. :)

Kae's very own Chair!

This chair was ordered especially for Miss Kaelyn with a little bit of the birthday money she received. Funny story about how I found this chair. I was googling toddler rocking chairs and found These chairs looked a lot like the ones our friends, Larry & Donna, used to make. But wow I thought, if this is them they sure have come a looong way. I went to the contact us and sure enough they were in Alabama, so I emailed and asked if it was them, and it was! What a small world we live in. :) It was so nice to get back in touch with them, and they made a beautiful chair for my princess!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

First Year Milestones

First Smile ~ February 15, 2007 (6 weeks)
First Held Head Up ~ March 1, 2007 (8 weeks - steady and strong)
First Grasped a Toy ~ March 5, 2007 (2 months - Keys)
First Laugh ~ April 16, 2007 (14 weeks - 1st true, deep belly laugh)
First Rolled Over ~ April 28, 2007 (16 weeks - at Nana's, from back to tummy)
First Held Bottle ~ May 3, 2007 (4 months)
First Slept All Night ~ May 26, 2007 (20 weeks)
First Word - DaDa ~ June 17, 2007 (24 weeks - on Father's Day!!)
First Sat Up ~ June 21, 2007 (24 weeks)
First Tooth ~ June 29, 2007 (25 weeks)
First Said Mama ~ July 14, 2007 (27 weeks - in front of Graham family)
First Crawled ~ July 22, 2007 (28 weeks - truly crawling, scooted before)
First Stood Up ~ August 13, 2007 (31 weeks - pulled up on end table)
First Said ByeBye/Dog ~ September 5, 2007 (8 months)
First Steps ~ November 2, 2007 (10 months)
Walking everywhere! ~ December 12, 2007 (11 months)

Kaelyn, you are such a blessing! You have the most wonderful personality and are so carefree & easy going. You are a good sleeper and eater. We couldn't have asked for more. You are beautiful and we love you so much! This first year has flown by so incredibly fast, and from what we hear they don't get any slower. You have grown so much in this first year... We can't believe you are only going to get bigger, stronger, smarter. Wow! We are amazed by you every day and are enjoying watching you grow into a beautiful little girl.

We love you with all our hearts,
Mommy & Daddy

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Kaelyn's 1st Birthday!!

Too many pics again so enjoy the slideshow!