Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 18, 2009

Here we are bright and early at Mary Black, 6am, ready to be induced and have this baby!!! We were blessed with the same nurse we had with Kaelyn 3 years ago! She is awesome! (This time we had the baby before her shift ended! YAAAY! Bless her heart...last time she stayed until 8pm - her shift ended at 7, and Kae didn't come until 8:51pm! She did come by the next day to see us though :)


Finally she arrives at 6:48pm and that was a miracle! They were predicting around 10pm but I jumped from 4cm to 10cm just like that and Kalli pretty much just came right on into this world without much pushing at all. In fact they had to delay a c-section down the hall because Kalli decided "ready or not here I come!" I was actually told not to push or even laugh for a few minutes because she was coming on out and our doctor needed time to grab her gloves real quick! It was an amazing experience. Crazy how each birth is so different.
Thanks to Nan and Pop for keeping Big Sis, Kaelyn, and bringing her up to meet her new baby sister! She was soooo excited, and poor thing waited for her AAAAALL day! LoL
Here is our sweet little Kalli Dawn. God is SO good and SO amazing!