Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Randoms...

I have been tagged by Babychick to share 25 random things about myself. I tried to throw in a few crazy things you might not know about me to keep it interesting. ;) I am like the last person to do this so I'm not sure who I should tag! Scrapper26... if you read this,'re up!

1. I am so blessed to be married to a wonderful man, almost 4 years.

2. We have an amazing daughter together, Kaelyn, who just turned 2 in January...light of our lives, so much personality, keeps us smiling & laughing. =)

3. I enjoy playing the piano and rarely have time to just sit and play, even though I have a lovely piano in my home. (Christmas from hubby before we were married)

4. I love to sing in the car! Luckily Kaelyn is usually my only company and she isn't really old enough to judge me yet. haha

5. I am 4'11" and 3/4" tall.... or short! ;)

6. I am one of the most competitive people my husband has ever met, and he said when we got married he had no idea i was so extreme when it comes to winning.... board games, sports, video games, etc..

7. I do not like coffee, but love some of the iced, sweetened & jazzed up ones at starbucks!

8. I have worked for the same company for almost 5 years... pretty much since we moved from FL to SC. That's amazing to me... it's gone by so fast! Grateful to have such a good paying job in this day and for such a flexible boss who lets me go whenever I need to be there for my baby girl. Without his understanding I don't think I could've come back to work. hehe

9. I sometimes drive myself crazy not having family around to help out with Kaelyn. :-o

10. With #9 said, I wouldn't trade her for anything! Being a mother is the most wonderful, challenging experience in my life thus far. At this stage, it is very rewarding. ;)

11. I grew up wanting to be a Lawyer.... Got older and realized there was no way I could be dedicated to school for so long!

12. I have recently started lunch workout classes at work in our on-site gym... Mon- TurboKick, Wed. - Body Sculpting, Fri. - Yoga. 3 weeks so far... I am pretty proud of myself. lol

13. I nursed my baby girl until she was 11 months, pumped twice a day, every day at work. Blah!

14. My Dad is a pastor and he, my mom, and brother were called to Michigan about 6 years ago... They pastor a wonderful church up there, but I will admit I've questioned the Lord on why so far away...and why so stinkin' cold??!!

15. I love cookie dough! Yummy!

16. I miss my best friend Chelsea, who still lives in FL. Lylas!

17. I was thrown out of a club, Seville, in Pensacola... college days. :-o Thank God for my awesome roomie Kellie who took care of me that night. ;-)

18. I have some awesome girlfriends, even though some are so far away!

19. I am obsessed with taking pictures.... to the point where I annoy my family sometimes. They will thank me for the memories one day!

20. I am so NOT a morning person!

21. I am part of an awesome church, Evangel Cathedral

22. I am extremely proud of my hubby for planning and putting on our 1st benefit this past year to help a couple of families in desperate situations.... See this ARTICLE

23. I met my handsome husband at place called Big Daddy's in Pcola where I was out with my girls shaking my booty and he was the DJ. ;)

24. I loooove the exotic coconut scented lotion from Bath & Body Works! Of course they don't sell it in my store anymore (If i find something I LOVE it quickly becomes discontinued) but I can still order it online, so yay!

25. I play Bunco with an awesome group of ladies and we have a blast!...and NO, it's not just a game for old ladies! =)


babychick said...

#25 sounds so much fun to me. I've heard a lot of ladies talking about it lately.

Anonymous said...

I am so behind! lol... I will blog mine tonight I promise!

That is so neat you play Bunco there are some ladies at my job that are dying to get a group started! I heard it was soooo fun!

photochick said...

I nursed for what seemed like a LONG time to me too. I feel your pain on the pumping! :-P