Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Love Day!

Brian and I got out for a nice, romantic dinner at the Melting Pot last night. It was sooo wonderful and the food was delicious! My honey really surprised me this year. I am kind of hard to surprise lol... He took my wedding ring a few days ago and said he was getting it cleaned and he would return it in a couple days. I knew he was up to something. We had looked at wraps for my ring a little before this so I wondered if that could be it. I had told him it was fine to take my ring as long as he assured me I would get MY ring back and it would be back before our dinner because I feel so naked without my ring. So last night rolls around and we're getting ready and I'm asking if he has my ring and he says NO! I'm like WHAT? haha I'm like yeah right, quit playing...i know you have it. He says babe I did all I could to get it back and I don't want you to be disappointed, I will have it tomorrow and that's technically Valentine's day, so... :) So I accept it. When we get in the car to go to dinner there is a box of Godiva chocolates and a card, perfect card might I add. He has gotten quite good at picking out the perfect card. ;) I had given him some chocolates and a card as well and on the drive to Greenville he asked for one of mine, which I had not opened yet. I was like okay, but is the Russell Stover I gave you not good enough?! lol He was like I just want to try one of yours. I open it up and voila! there is my ring with a beautiful wrap!! He truly got me! I absolutely love it. We had a wonderful night. :)When I got home I photographed it on the flowers he had sent to work for me on Friday. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband! Love you honey!



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