Tuesday, August 3, 2010

7 Months

Kalli turned 7 months on July 18th and I have been meaning to blog with an update! :)
Right when you turned 6 months you started to become mobile by a lot of scooting, and then you mixed in a little crawling, and now scooting is a thing of the past. You are quite the crawler these days! I have some videos I need to post SOON to show everyone just how good you are. ;) You also pull up on everything and have started walking along the couch a little. You just can't wait to get going. You have started waving when we say hi and wave to you. You also give us fives (hehe) your big sister Kaelyn loves this, and loves to say "too slow Joe!" to you!
You say Mama, Dada, NyNy (Night Night)
You have your 3rd tooth coming in (top right) and you are full of the cutest little wrinkled nose smiles!
Here are a few pics below from a shoot we did today to remember your 1st pedicure ;)
Kae and I painted your toes while you were napping. We love you sweet angel!



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