Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas and hope you did as well! My in-laws were here with us from FL on Christmas morning for the first time! Skyler woke up and was ready to see what Santa left, and Kae was fast asleep. hehe She didn't keep us waiting too long though...I think everyone was up around 7:45am, although Kaelyn was still groggy.
I popped some cinnamon rolls in the oven to get us started. =) Yum.
Skyler was excited to show Kae the playhouse Santa left her but somehow Kaelyn heard Santa was in that playhouse (lol) and did not want to go inside! We explained he was already gone and then she was fine, and boy does she LOVE that playhouse. **Santa got that on super clearance last year :) Skyler had been wanting a Baby Blue electric guitar, and I guess Santa was listening. She was super excited when she opened it up! The girls were blessed with lots of other great gifts including clothes, baby dolls, mp3 players, purses, etc. And so were we! =) I was very excited to get my webcam so we could do a video call with my family in Michigan Christmas morning!! Kaelyn thought this was so cool and is always asking to talk to Nan and Pop on the "puter". :) And of course I'm super excited about mine and Brian's gift to each other... cruise to the Bahamas leaving Jan. 7th! YAY! In this upcoming year we hope to have another child, but before we even go there I reeeaally need to get away! Being here without family can really be tough sometimes! We are thankful my mom is flying in to celebrate Kae's birthday and can stay longer to keep her for us. :) We are super blessed and look forward to ringing in a new year soon!




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