Monday, December 15, 2008

Big Girl Bed!

This weekend we converted Kaelyn's crib into a toddler bed, or as she calls it her "Big Girl Bed!" She was sooooo excited about it! We were lying in our bed with her watching Dora when she said, "Daddy make me a big dirl bed" lol. It was the cutest thing. We had been talking about it for a little while now and Brian said well I guess if she is big enough to ask me, we will try it. She has now slept 3 nights in her big girl bed and all have been a success. She has not gotten out of bed once, shocker! I thought she would be up at nap time for sure, but she surprised us. We are so proud of our BIG girl! =)



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singerchick said...

She's adorable! Congrats on the transition. I still can't bring myself to put my littlest guy in a big bed. It's just another step towards him growing up. :-(

Thanks for the link up and Merry Christmas!

Scrapper26 said...

Well great! As a new Mommy I am considering a convertible bed and I see in the pics how much she loves it so I am definitely going that route. Thanks for sharing! She is absolutely adorable!