Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving... we sure did! We spent the day with my Great Grandparents and family in Charleston. Our morning started out a bit rough though...We planned to head out early this morning but when I went to wake up Kaelyn I discovered throw up everywhere, it was clearly oranges. ugh! We didn't hear her in the middle of the night or this morning so I am not sure when it happened. We were thankful she was okay and seemed to be feeling good. So much for the "bathe her the night before so we can get up and go" theory! haha Brian took the bedding and I took her to the bath. An hour later than we had planned we were on the road though and all was good. When we got there Kaelyn was pretty tired and wasn't hungry. We definitely weren't going to make her eat after this morning's events. lol We went into the pink guest room in my Great Grandmom's house that I have stayed in a few times. :) She climbed up in the full size bed and I read her a story and left her with a few books. I peaked in about 15 minutes later and she was out with her 3 books stacked neatly beside her. I couldn't believe she didn't get up and try to get out through the door. Maybe she is ready for her big girl bed after all. ;)
She woke up from a nice nap and ate some turkey! We all ate way too much!
Tonight we went to the famous Holiday Festival of Lights in James Island. I LOVE going every year we are there for Thanksgiving. I will blog about it soon with a few pics! I am sooo blessed and thankful for so much... my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, my beautiful baby girl and loving husband, friends who are like family, the fact that all my needs are met, and I could go on and on. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with family and friends! Here are a few pics from Grandmom's house.





Jason, Julie, and Ian said...

Hope Kaelyn is feeling better! I know how fun throw up can be ;). Anyways, my mom and sister are thinking about riding down to the James Island Festival of Lights this coming weekend. So, it's worth it huh? Do you have pics I can see? I am so excited!

Jason, Julie, and Ian said...

I mean to say my mom, my sister, and I are planning on going down there and taking the kids.