Friday, September 19, 2008

Where have we been???

Okay, so I've neglected the blog. Please forgive me! We were out of town all last week. I was in training for work some and then we headed to FL to see Brian's parents and my best friend Chels and her husband, Jonathan. I was supposed to be working a couple of those days and I could not get internet on my laptop at all! FRUSTRATING! But anyways, and then this past Saturday we headed from FL to AL and I got to photograph my friend's wedding! It was such an honor and we had a blast! I'll post some of the pics soon... She was a beautiful bride!
We got back home late Sunday night and jumped back in the rat race of daycare and work Monday morning. Needless to say this week I have been catching up at work and editing tons of wedding pics and have not had a moment to update here! I will add trip pics soon!

Wanted to add to the below post about things Kae is saying... Kaelyn loves to sing Row Row Row Your Boat... and she can pretty much get through the whole thing. And also Jesus Loves Me... She'll look at me and say "Mommy, Bible say so" when she wants me to sing it lol! It's the cutest thing and I'll try to get it on video soon! =)
Oh, also she has transitioned from saying love you like a baby to a big girl, it's now "I wuv you Mommy, Dada, Nana, PopPop, Nonnie, PaPa, Selsea (Chelsea), etc.. She says Jonathan's name very well now, and their dog Junior, she called "DuneDune" and it was the cutest thing!

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