Sunday, September 7, 2008

What Kaelyn is Saying these days...

"Mulch Shoes" - on the playground when she has mulch in her shoe.
"Day-sus ove me" - Jesus loves me.
"Untle Wayvid" = Uncle David, Untle TC, Untle Sar (Sarah), and Untle Jacque
We are working on saying Aunt Jacque instead, she is doing good but every once in a while still slips up. lol I about died laughing the first time she said it!
"C'mon guuuuys"
"Roll Tide, Go Bama"
"Want you Mommy" - when she wants me to pick her up, melts my heart!;)
"I want juice pease" (please)
"Juice, where is it Dada" lol
"Mulk and tookies" - Milk and cookies
"Dada Seeping" - Sleeping, she uses other names in front of this too.
"Come up Mommy" or "C'mon Mommy" - as she's tugging on me when she wants me to get up and go somewhere with her.
"Brush teeth" - she looooves standing on her Dora stool and brushing her teeth.
"Paint toes" - she's a priss already! she says this while bringing me polish.
"Hairbow in" - most of the time she doesn't leave without a hairbow/clip lol
"Mimmi Mouse and My Mouse" are still her favorite stuffed animals and she loves to snuggle with them at night. (Minnie and Mickey)
"Want my benbit" - Blanket, she HAS to be tucked in with her night night blanket, "snug as a bug in a rug" ...she loves that, but leave her arms out! lol
If I rock her for a couple of minutes before bed she wants her "benbit" on while we rock. ;)
She can identify some #s, 0, 1, 3, 5, 8, 9 .... these are her best ones, the others are hit or miss. My favorites to hear her say are 5 and 9, she sounds so grown!
Idenitifies A, B, C, E, G, K, O
I'm sure there's a ton more but I'll wrap up for now. Wish I could capture all of her in here for you, but there's just too much. We love her so!

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