Monday, September 1, 2008

Hollywild Zoo

Brian and I got back into town last night and since we had a nice 3 day weekend we wanted to do something fun with Kaelyn. We decided to check out Hollywild Zoo. It was lots of fun! Kaelyn was a little skeptical at first when we got close to some of the animals, but she came around and loved feeding them! She really loved the deer, baby goats, and the monkeys (mump-mees lol)! She passed out on the ride home. She has still been running a mild fever, we think due to those new molars coming in. We hope that's all it is. It was a really fun, relaxing day... definitely not ready to head back to work tomorrow!
Oh, and I also have to say Happy Birthday to my little brother today! He is the BIG 18! Happy Birthday're officially an adult! Keep God first and make wise decisions. ;) We love you!
Here are a few pics from the zoo trip, you can see more HERE!



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