Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kaelyn uses her Potty!

If you saw the posts at the end of June you will remember Kaelyn had peed in her potty a couple of times and while visiting my best friend, "Aunt Chelsea" in FL she went poopoo on Chels' bathroom toilet. hehe Well since then she hasn't been too consistent and she tells me when she has to go poopoo but has been saying no to the potty and just going to concentrate alone in a corner. I try bribing with candy and it just hasn't been working. So hey, she'll go when she's ready, right?! Well tonight she told me "poopoo potty" so I took her back all excited as usual when she says this (most of the time we just sit there and she never goes) ...but tonight she went! =) We were so proud of our big girl! Who knows if she'll become more consistent now, but she's coming around slowly, but surely!

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Jason, Julie, and Ian said...

Yeah! Go Kaelyn! I can't wait to start the potty training...but then again...don't want to rush things either! It will come soon enough!