Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's a GIRL

Well we didn't even make it until the 29th! We went and did something special at a 4d Ultrasound Office b/c if we plan to do a 4d late in the pregnancy, it was no extra cost to go ahead and find out the sex. :) So here she is in all her glory (pics below)... Miss Kalli Grace. She was so sweet, waving at us and rubbing her little eye.
I must admit, I thought this was a boy. Things were so different and lots of people thought the same way I did so I had pretty much convinced myself and given my poor husband false hope. lol I was completely shocked when they said girl! Especially since when the first shot of her came up I thought I saw a male part, but it ended up just being the cord. hehe I will admit to you all that it took me a few hours to get over the initial shock ... all I had been thinking about were boy things. But I soon got in girl mode and got excited about sweet sisters. I've never had that and I'm excited for my girls to have best friends for life. :) It took Kaelyn a little while to accept it as well. Nobody told her we thought it was a boy, but she insisted she was having a baby brother. She came to the ultrasound with us and after leaving we asked what she thought about having a baby sister and she still said she was having a baby brother. I tried to tell her Kalli would be pretty and sweet just like her, but she said she wanted a boy just like Daddy. ;) Finally a couple days later she got excited about her baby sister and talking about all the clothes, shoes, and toys she will give her. I can't wait to see them together. Poor Daddy...our house will soon be even more dramatic, but I know he loves his sweet little girls. Thank goodness our dog is a boy! ha!
But on a more serious note... We are so thankful and blessed with this tiny miracle and so excited God decided to give us this precious gift!



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babychick said...

congrats!! 2 little cute!