Saturday, August 15, 2009

Baby Girl

Thinking about our precious baby girl inside of me brings me back to my first baby girl, Kaelyn Annalise. Wow, not such a baby anymore. She is growing up so fast! She keeps us smiling & laughing, and brings so much joy to us and everyone around her. While we were in Charleston visiting Papa in the hospital, she said the funniest thing. She looked at his mom, my Great Grandmom, and asked, "What's on your forehead?" We knew what she was talking about but poor Grandmom had no idea and started rubbing her forehead and said, "Oh I don't know...Nothing I don't think... Gene (Great Granddad), what's on my forehead?" Kaelyn keeps asking and at this point we are kind of ignoring her hoping she will give up because I don't want her to embarrass Grandmom. But she just can't help it... and she looked up at Grandmom and excitedly asked, "Is it stripes or somethin'?" And made one of her funny little Kaelyn faces. hehe We died laughing!! I still don't think Grandmom ever got it, so thanks Kae for one of the funniest moments ever! I need a video camera rolling on you at all times girl! ;) Love you!
Here she is below looking all grown up on the way to pick up Nana from the airport on 8/10/09.


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