Thursday, April 2, 2009

Michigan Trip

Kae and I just got back from a last minute trip to Michigan. There were some family things going on that I needed to be there for so Thursday we finalized plans to fly out Friday morning. My Grandma (Dad's Mom) was flying up with us. She was actually supposed to fly up earlier in the week, but had missed her flight. She was glad to have help, as she has a few physical limitations and has not flown since the 70's! Man, how things in the airports have changed since then. ;)
We left our house at 3:15 am Friday morning to head to Charlotte for our 6am flight. Everything went well and there were lots of extra seats on our flights so that was nice. :-) I was hoping little Kae would take a little snoozer at some point between 3am and when we arrived to my parents around 10am, but Noooope! Too Excited, she couldn't do it. haha My parents picked us up and we met my brother for lunch. Kaelyn was excited to see her Uncle T.C. He had to head back to work and we headed to Mom and Dad's. When we got there I was exhausted! I dozed off in the chair and finally decided I'd go lie down for a few. I was going to take Kae with me but of course Pop said she could stay and play with him. haha I knew, but he did not know, that later she would have horns coming from her head. haha She got a tad bit cranky. She was up from 3am until 7pm that night. Craziness! It actually took her pretty much the whole trip to catch up on her sleep.
Some great things came out of this trip and I felt fortunate to be there for them. Brian had to stay behind to run his branch, but I filled him in on everything. ;) Dad got to baptize his own mother, who just recently gave her life to the Lord! We got to celebrate Dad's birthday, on the 28th! Happy Birthday Dad! And we just got to enjoy time with family. It was great! Dad made Kaelyn a fan of his leaf blower. lol She looooved that thing! She would carry it around and "blow" you and then blow herself. Haha It was too funny. Dad also kept Kae all by himself while Mom and I went to a women's meeting. He even gave her a bath! We were proud. :)
Tuesday we traveled to Indiana to be in the area for our flight out of South Bend. There is a little family entertainment center we stopped at to bowl and play games. The funniest thing happened here... So Kaelyn wanted to push the bowling ball down the lane so I decide to sacrifice one of my turns so she can do this. I go up with her and give the ball a little extra push since I know it will take forever to get down there if she does it on her own. Kae was wearing her rain boots so she had pretty good traction... you guessed it... She takes off down the lane after the ball! I, of course, go after her with my slick ol' bowling shoes and as soon as I cross the line, BUST MY BUTT! lol But I did catch her. hehe I am so thankful it was a Tuesday afternoon and not many people were in there to see and my mom didn't think to whip out her camera, whew! It was pretty funny. Afterwards we had an early dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ. It was yummy! Then off to the airport and we didn't get back to our house until around 1am. Oh how I dreaded getting up for work the next day. I managed, and it was all worth it. :) Click HERE to see more pictures from our trip.




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ChelZ said...

LoL You didn't tell me about you busting it on the bowling lane!!! That's awesome! Lylas~

Matthew said...

What happened to you at the bowling alley was too funny! I'm sure it wasn't to you of course at the time, but at least you can laugh about it now:)

Matthew said...

Not sure why it said Matthew...sorry that was me (Chelsea S.) Guess hubby was still logged on.