Friday, April 3, 2009

Brian's New Boat

Well, Brian has waited a loooong time to get a bass boat, and it's finally here! I am so excited for him! The boat is not brand new, but new to us and we love it! He had been looking at this one for a few weeks and while Kae and I were in MI he got the ball rolling with it. On April 1st he went to pick it up, no joke. ;) He got an awesome deal. We are so excited to take it out on the water. Kaelyn just thinks it's the greatest thing ever and her new play toy. hehe Below are a couple of my proud hubby! You deserve it! ~Love you!


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heather said...

You'll love it! My husband bought a used one a few years ago and we had so much fun on it. We decided to sell it at the end of last summer since we'd have a tiny baby this summer and hitting the lake is not likey to be high on the to do list. I miss it already! :-P