Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter, celebrating Jesus and His Resurrection Power! What an amazing price He paid for US! We celebrated in church and then with Aunt Jacque's family and had a great time!
Here are all of the Sneed Girls :)

Our family pic below is one I'll remember for a long time. My hero hubby set up the stroller and wrapped my camera strap around the handle so it wouldn't fall, stacked the camera on my Bible and the changing pad and set that self timer.... all so we could have an Easter family pic. I told him we didn't have to have one, but he knows me all too well... I'm the picture queen, deep down I couldn't believe we wouldn't have a family pic and so he made it happen for me. Thanks honey, I love you. :)

Here is my sweet Kae, well sweet sometimes hehe ;)

And here is Kalli on her 1st Easter. It was a rough day for Miss Kalli... Her tummy has been bothering her the past 2 days. I believe she had a little stomach bug, but never got any fever. Bless her heart she had almost triple the amount of diapers as usual and just cried out for comfort. Today she is finally feeling better and seems to be back to her happy little self... Praise God!

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