Sunday, April 11, 2010

BFF Visit :)

Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Jonathan got here Thursday night! We had a great visit with them and it was their first time meeting Kalli. Of course they think she's as sweet as we do. ;) Friday the boys went fishing and us girls went to Target. Then we all met back at the house to get ready for P.F. Chang's and the Greenville Drive season opener! (Kalli's 1st baseball game) We all had a great time, especially Kae who was lucky enough to go home with a game ball! Long story, but she and the girls in front of us were yelling at the outfielder that warmed up right in front of us every time... "Number 5, gimme that ball.... Numero Cinco, gimme that ball!" I think Aunt Chels had something to do with this. We left to get a snack and I came back to Kaelyn yelling at baseball boys. LOL ;) Well, a guy right in front of us caught a ball (Numero Cinco never came through for us) and all of the girls was sitting with told him he better give it to that sweet little girl (My Kae! haha) I must admit Daddy had a mean jump for it. We were coming back from getting ice cream and his hands were full of that and he had the diaper bag and he still leaped for that was close! :) Needless to say... the guy in the purple shirt who gave the ball to Kae was her hero for the night. She tapped him on the shoulder and thanked him a second time and when he was getting up to leave she yelled, unprompted by us, bye guys, thank you thank you. LOL He made her night! Then we had to go get a pink bat for Kalli's room to remember her first Drive baseball game, just as we did for Kaelyn 2 and 1/2 years ago *tear* ;) It was a fun night... always adventurous with the kiddos...I hope we didn't scare Chels & JG away from having kids. Haha

The next day Chelsea and I headed out for some girl time.... We were gone about 6.5 hours, the longest time I had been away from my sweet Kalli! And to make matters worse...I was clipping her nails before we left and clipped a little too close and made her bleed. =( Talk about feeling like a horrible mommy and then having to leave.. ugh, awful! Eventually I got over it so I could enjoy my bestest friend! We had a great time shopping, seeing The Last Song, and enjoying some yummy dessert!

Then it was over, just like that... flew by! Miss you guys and hope to come visit soon! :)

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ChelZ said...

Awe, I miss you too! Can't believe how much the girls have grown since we've left. I miss them and my best friend...Bear too :). Lylas! Can't wait till our next visit!