Friday, February 26, 2010

A shaker and a MOVER ??


YES, our little Kalli is a mover! She has been scooting on her back for a couple weeks now...she will scoot right off her changing pad when we are changing her on the floor or bed downstairs. And today to my surprise...she ROLLED OVER from tummy to back! I think she surprised herself, too! :) Our pediatrician warned us about this at her checkup for 2 month shots. She put Kalli on her tummy and she pushed up with all her might and our Dr. was amazed and said she was a big girl. She also told us that since she could push up so strong she could accidentally roll on over so we shouldn't leave her places thinking she couldn't move. And sure enough... that's exactly what she did! I am still trying to get it on video! When I catch her, I will post for you all to see! :)

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