Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Circus!

Last night we went to see "The Greatest Show on Earth"! It was of course Kalli's 1st trip to the circus and Kaelyn's 2nd. Nonny came too as she is here visiting with us this week! I decided to whip out the moby wrap for this trip because I knew we wouldn't have room for Kalli's carrier and it would be tough to hold her the whole time, especially with Kaelyn. And the wrap worked like a charm! I wrapped myself before we left the house and slipped Kalli in when we got there. She fell right asleep and slept almost the whole show, which was amazing because it was SO loud! We ended up with some great seats for the discounted opening night price we paid. We were super close! Kaelyn said her favorite parts were the elephants and the tigers, but I think it was that spinning tiger toy Daddy got her. ;) We had a blast!





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