Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Potty Time!

A couple of weeks before Kaelyn's 2nd birthday she was doing really well with the potty. Shortly after, she went on strike....around the time Brian and I went on our little vacation. hmmmm....stinker! lol We are trying to get back on track with pottying so we put up this chart and Kaelyn gets to put a sticker on each time she goes in the potty and she gets her m&m's. She gets pretty excited about it so hopefully she will stick with it! =) When Brian came in and saw the chart he said, "Wow, we are really parents, huh?" haha Yep honey, we have adopted the modern decor of Sesame Street in our lovely bathroom... it's only temporary. ;) Here are a few pics of my big girl right after a successful trip to the potty!




Amy Hill said...

Charts work really well for us too, that is how I got Marisol to go to sleep by herself. She was 3 and I still had to sit with her at night to get her to fall asleep. We had to put an end to that before the baby arrived!

Good luck!

Jason, Julie, and Ian said...

Yay for Kaelyn! We've just recently started potty training. Any tips/suggestions? Where did you get the chart? I have thought about doing a chart...but didn't know where to get one. Not really sure Ian's ready...but we'll see. :)