Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hard to believe another year has come and gone! WOW! We celebrated the new year by going to dinner at Mimi's Japanese Steakhouse with a couple of our friends. It was great food and great company! We went early so we could have Kae off the roads at a decent hour...we got home around 9. I did make it to see the ball drop and leaned over to kiss my sleeping hubby. :) I am usually sleeping too, but couldn't fall asleep yet. As I look back over 2008, it was an amazing year and I have sooo much to be thankful for! A few highlights..

My baby girl celebrated her 1st Birthday
Brian and I survived that first year!! haha
We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary <3
We got to see my little brother graduate high school in MI
Took a trip to FL to see my best friend, old friends, in-laws, beautiful beaches for 4th of July
I grew and learned new aspects in my photography
Got a promotion at work!
Was able to go to AL to shoot a high school friend's wedding
My uncle finally got married to the lady he's dated for about 6 years! We love her!
Spent Thanksgiving with my great grandparents and family in Charleston that we don't see enough
Watched my baby turn into a "little girl"...more personality, talk your ear off, make you laugh, can't help but LOVE her so much!

In 2009 I have many goals... a few I will share now..

I would like to grow spiritually, spend more time with God.. set aside quiet time to commit to a devotional. :)
Find more alone time for me and my hubby and let him know how much I really do appreciate him, he is my best friend.
Advertise for my passion, photography, and see where it takes me.
Be the best mom/wife I can be!
And of course the ol' get a fitness routine and STICK WITH IT! haha

Wishing you a Blessed 2009! ....
Here are a few pics from our New Years Eve!




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Anonymous said...

Great resolutions for the new year. It is nice to know that so many Americans (okay people I know) are putting God first. Cute pics of New Years too!