Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Festival!

First Baptsit North had their fall festival tonight so after work we decided to take Kae out for a bit. She was very excited and kept saying "fesbull" (festival..see video below haha) on the way. We didn't know how she would do on the rides, but she LOVED them and was little miss independent! On the first ride where we all sat together in the "bowl" we thought she might want to sit on one of our laps... WRONG! lol She didn't even want us touching her. She wanted to sit there like a big girl. :) I got yummy funnel cake while Kae and Brian went down the big slide. Then we ran into some friends...Abby and her Daddy, so Kaelyn got to ride on the whale with her. They had the same jacket on so I'm pretty sure people thought they were sisters. hehe Kae had a time waiting in line to get on the ride. It was a little after 8 and she was getting tired. After this ride we got cotton candy and headed home. It was a fun night!...and Auburn pretty much a perfect night! ;)

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