Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where is my baby?!

My baby is turning into a little girl too fast! Her vocabulary these days consists of pretty much whatever we say...she always attempts to copy us. =)

Boo-ah Down (Telling Brewer, our dog, to get down)
Dada Back Soon (I tell her Daddy will be back soon from work)
Back Soon Mommy (When I go she tells me to come back soon)
Love You Mock Mock (phrase from my family... means I love you a lot or much!)
Pretty Max (She says this when we put her hairbow in, she puts on her purse, outfit, or paints her toes... she wants to look pretty for Max, her "best friend" at school - her 1st kiss)
Fall BooBoo (Nana told her she could fall and get a booboo)
Knee, Tis (Knee, Kiss... when she hurts something she wants you to kiss it...too cute!)
Please and Thank You Dada, Mommy, Nana, Papa, etc..
Shake Shake Booey (Shake your booty lol)
She knows all of her colors...she says them all pretty well, but bean = green hehe
Knows several shapes - circle, square, heart, star, triangle, octagon, oval
Knows 1,2,3 ... working on #s and ABC's
Says Amen after prayers and blessing
She knows all of her classmates names... Grace, Whit, Julia, Max, Ashy = teacher Ashlie, and she calls Emory 'E'
Very interested in us going 'potty' but still not going herself consistently


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Jason, Julie, and Ian said...

Aw...she is getting so big! I didn't realize you had a blog until I read your comment on my blog yesterday. So glad I found's neat to see what all is going on with you guys!

And you are so right...the fun parenting times FAR outweigh the icky ones! ;)

And yes...Ian passed on that bad stomach bug to me...ugh. I am feeling much better today though, thank goodness!