Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Letter 'K'!

Kaelyn shows you her favorite letter! =) School has been going good, but since it's the start of a new school year Kaelyn has a new teacher and new friends. The 2 year olds she has been with this summer all moved up and the new 1 year olds are coming. She has had a bit of a time adjusting. She had learned to play a little rougher with the big kids and now there are "babies" as she calls them. She has pushed a few and hit a bit. =( She pushed one girl so hard it bent her glasses!! I am so embarrassed! lol We are working on it. When they told her they would have to tell mommy she said "Mommy sad" lol. We talked and I had told her it makes mommy sad when she hits her friends. On the way to school we talk about how she is going to be nice and she goes on saying "niiice baaaaaby" Her teachers say it's a normal phase...I just hope it passes soon!

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