Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nana @ Monkey Joes!

You read right... NANA is here all the way from MI! We picked her up from the airport on the 13th and she will be with us for a week while Daddy goes fishing with PaPa in Orlando. We started the week off right with a fun trip to Monkey Joe's on Monday! Kae had a blast once she started sliding. She's never really liked MJ's because of the actual purple monkey (Monkey Joe) that comes out to see the kids. The last time we were there and he came out she had a meltdown like fell in the floor crying. This time no meltdown, but she still wasn't super stoked when he came out. She clung to Mommy and wouldn't even consider getting close to him. It took her a few minutes to get over him coming out but she finally loosened up and went back to playing. :) She got in free today with the picture of MJ she colored from the Upstate Parent's Magazine, so that was a perk! She said she was going to give the picture to MJ himself.... BIG Talker! LoL We had a blast with Nana and I think we were all tired when we left!




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