Monday, June 30, 2008

Visiting Aunt Chels in Panama City!

This weekend we went to Panama City, FL to stay with my BFF Chels and her hubby, Jonathan. It was the first time we had gotten to see their first home in person. We loved it! Adorable with a big fenced back yard! Nice! :) Kaelyn enjoyed herself and even let me & Aunt Chels paint her cute little toes! hehe Kaelyn also had a huge moment at their house... she pooped in their toilet! I didn't bring her potty since she has only peed in it a couple of random times, but she told us she had to go and sure enough she did!!! We were all sooo excited and rewarded her with a treat! Chels and I had a shopping day with pedicures and it was so relaxing and fun to get away for a bit. Thanks Chels! We miss you!




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ChelZ said...

Awe! I absolutely love the pictures! I miss you guys so much already. I am ready to set our next visit so I can have that to look forward too again! Lylas~ Chelsea